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You Are ‘Now’ and Always ‘Will’ Be ‘Pro-Life Staten Island

You Don’t Believe that ‘Abortion Staten Island’ Should Ever Be Equated with ‘Birth Control Staten Island’. Yes, as hard as it is to believe, even though nearly everyone knows the anti-abortion facts, for some immoral and callous young girls and women, an abortion means little more than ‘birth control Staten Island’. And yes, once any individual labels themselves as ‘pro-life Staten Island’, that’s never going to change. Pro-life Staten Island is a badge or morality you’re proud to wear, and nothing will ever change that fact. You are either a moral person who doesn’t believe in the slaughter of innocents (pro-life Staten Island) or you are not. And if you’re not pro-life Staten Island, you must be the opposite – pro-cold-blooded murderer Staten Island. What else can you call abortion if not murder, slaughter, legalized genocide or any one of a countless number of horrid adjectives? Pro-life Staten Island means you care deeply about the daily, ongoing and seemingly endless killing of unborn babies, any one of whom might have grown up to change the world to make it a better place.

To Wear the Badge of Honor that is ‘Pro-Life Staten Island’ Means You Stand on the Right Side of History – If You Are Pro-Life Staten Island, You Will Always Be Judged as the ‘One Who Was Right’ When the World Finally Comes to its Senses

It may be hard to believe today, but there will come a time when all of us who are pro-life Staten Island will be able to stand taller than those who were always against us. To be pro-life Staten Island will define you as the moral champion of our sad times when the history books of the future are written. To be pro-murder Staten Island will be a badge of shame that all will judge harshly because, after all, innocent and defenseless babies are being put to death in cruel and unusual ways. To have an innocent life literally torn limb from limb from a mother’s womb is an unimaginably cruel act, and your badge of pro-life Staten Island will mean you always stood against the years-long ‘slaughter of innocents’. How long will it be before those history books praise all of us who have always been pro-life Staten Island & Anti abortion facts? Who can say, but ‘Judgment Day’ for the vile murderers will certainly come – it’s merely a matter of time.

You Will Never Discard Your Pro-Life Staten Island Badge of Honor – Not in a Hundred Lifetimes – Pro-Life Staten Island is Who You Are Today, Tomorrow and Forever More

If your stance, today, is pro-life Staten Island, it will most certainly be the same tomorrow and will never change. One cannot be pro-life Staten Island and wake up one day to be on the side of the baby killers – that’s simply not going to happen. Pro-life Staten Island is a way of life and thinking that doesn’t shift with the winds (political, societal or otherwise). No, pro-life Staten Island is a lifelong badge of honor you’ll wear until the day you die.