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If You’re Thinking About Teen Abortion – Please Think Again

If you’re a young girl who has suddenly found yourself faced with an unwanted and unexpected pregnancy, teen abortion is not the simple answer. It’s never simple to take an innocent life, and that is exactly the end result of teen abortion – an unborn baby dies. What about when you’re older? Do you know that a large percentage of girls who had a teen abortion later regretted their actions, sometimes for the rest of their life? Yes, teen abortion is a very serious matter that deserves your full attention, unless the taking of an innocent life is of little consequence to you. And we know that isn’t true. Teen abortion should always be the last consideration not the first.

Teen Abortion is Not the Answer or Help You Seek

Did you know that there exists a nearly endless list of local, state, and federal agencies that are ready willing and able to help any young girl who is facing an unwanted pregnancy? Well, there is. From financial aid to housing assistance to child care help to a full range of social services, there are countless people who can help you to avoid the killing of your unborn child. In other words, there are alternatives to teen abortion and they are out there waiting for you. You may have a close friend who has already had a teen abortion; talk to her to see if she feels any guilt about the killing of her child. Ask yourself if teen abortion will cause you to have the same regrets – perhaps for the rest of your life. What would your child have been like? You will never know.

Do You View Teen Abortion as a Form of ‘Birth Control’? Do You Believe that Teen Abortion is a ‘Casual Thing’?

We find it hard to believe that some young girls think of teen abortion as a fairly convenient form of birth control. Why this is so we don’t know. We feel that it’s important to stress the point that teen abortion is nothing short of murder, and we don’t know when ‘murder in America’ became a ‘casual thing’. We do know that teen abortion must and will cease someday because this endless slaughter of innocents can not continue. Why would you be a part of this mass murder of unborn babies? Do you not see that teen abortion must never be thought of as birth control. . .the birth is already on its way and only murder can stop it. Learn the facts about teen abortion, learn about all the wonderful alternatives, including adoption. Did you know there are countless loving people in the world who would cherish your child for a lifetime? Be certain that you think twice, and then a third and fourth time before you consider teen abortion as the quick, cheap, and easy solution to your problem. Teen abortion is not the answer.

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