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What Can One Person Do About Teen Abortion?

Sometimes it seems pretty hopeless, the fight against teen abortion – a daily horror that is all around us. The courts have all said that teen abortion is just fine, when we know that the murder of innocent babies can never be just fine. Are these people insane? But what can one person do about teen abortion? What can a single individual do to put to an end to teen abortion? Is it even possible? If the courts and society at large can’t put a stop to teen abortion, what can you do? Do you know a young girl who is considering teen abortion? Could you counsel her as to how this is the wrong decision, that she will, indeed, be murdering her own unborn child? Is there some other way a single individual can help to put an end to teen abortion? Yes. There are lots of ways.

Use Your Single Voice to Let Others Know About the Alternatives to Teen Abortion

When you counsel a young girl, be prepared for that girl’s feeling of hopelessness and fear. She might feel that teen abortion is her best and only option. Tell her she’s wrong. Any young girl who is considering teen abortion needs to know about all the resources that are available to help her get through a very difficult time in her life. Tell her that murdering her baby is not the answer, and tell her that there are dozens of local, state, and federal programs designed to help her in a wide variety of practical ways. A young girl considering teen abortion might not realize there are ways of receiving financial aid, housing assistance, child care and nutrition program benefits, and so much more. There are viable alternatives to teen abortion, and a lone, single voice can spread this information.

The Best Alternative to Teen Abortion is Adoption – There is a Long Line of Loving People Waiting to Adopt a Child

Adoption has always been the best alternative to teen abortion. If a young girl simply isn’t ready, financially or otherwise, for the responsibilities of motherhood, then there are countless loving people who would cherish the opportunity of raising that girl’s child. Teen abortion should always be the last resort, not the first, and adoption should always be explained to any young girl who is thinking about teen abortion. So, a single voice can help to end teen abortion. One person can make a difference in this war to save lives, a war that we must all keep fighting. We can’t be discouraged by the courts or society, we must make an individual effort wherever we can to help put an end to the barbarity of teen abortion. Raise your single voice loud and clear until it’s heard by someone who believes teen abortion is the answer to her problem. Tell any young girl you can that teen abortion is a decision a person will almost always regret for the rest of their life.

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