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Will We Ever Stop the Madness and Murder Known as Teen Abortion in Staten Island?

We know it must come to an end some day, this insane killing of unborn babies known as teen abortion in Staten Island. Teen abortion is murder plain and simple, and one day, the world will realize that such madness must stop. Teen abortion in Staten Island is an epidemic that each of us must work to cure. Even if we only manage to prevent a single teen abortion, that unborn life saved is priceless. Do you mourn each day for the senseless loss of life that is otherwise known as teen abortion in Staten Island? Do you wish, with all your heart, that you could do something to stop it? Well, there is. If you truly care about teen abortion, there are a number of ways you, as a single individual, can help.

Do You Know a Young Girl Who is Considering Teen Abortion in Staten Island? Is there Anything You Can Offer to Prevent It?

If you know a young girl who thinks teen abortion is the easy way out of an unexpected and unwanted pregnancy, talk to this girl about the true horror of what she is considering. Tell her that there are many alternatives to teen abortion in Staten Island, and don’t forget to counsel her on the fact that she will be murdering her own unborn child. This can sometimes be a wakeup call to any young girl who thinks of teen abortion in Staten Island as little more than birth control. Tell her, in the strongest terms possible, that she will be murdering her own flesh and blood.

Teen Abortion in Staten Island is NOT the Easy Way Out

When you’re counseling a young girl, you must tell her that teen abortion in Staten Island is an act she will, most likely, regret for the rest of her life. What would her unborn child have been like? She will never know because she took the life of that child, an act for which she will feel guilt and shame to the end of her days. Teen abortion in Staten Island is mass murder that each of us must try to stop. Counsel this young girl on the wonderful alternative of adoption, tell her to put aside the cruel idea of abortion – let the child be raised by loving parents and enjoy a happy life. Teen abortion in Staten Island is never the right or easy choice, make this young girl understand that teen abortion is the worst possible solution to her problem. Let her know she’s not alone, that there are countless agencies and caring individuals ready to help. From counseling services to housing and financial assistance to child care help and more, there exists an entire network of people who will do all that they can to prevent the cold blooded homicide also known as teen abortion in Staten Island.

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