Teen Abortion In Staten Island

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Where Do You Stand on Abortion?

Abortion is a hot button topic of discussion no matter where you go. People have very strong opinions on a subject that is not as complicated as some would believe. Abortion, plain and simple, is the cold blooded murder of an innocent unborn child. So, abortion isn’t complicated at all. If you believe in abortion, you believe in the slaughter of countless unborn children, none of whom are capable of defending their own life. Only you can do that. Only someone who is firmly committed to putting an end to abortion can speak out for that helpless child. Are you willing to speak out against abortion, particularly teen abortion?

Add Your Voice to the Chorus of Citizens Who Demand an End to Abortion

There’s no need to feel helpless on the subject of abortion in this country. While the courts and legislatures have continually worked against those of us who would end abortion, there is hope on the horizon. In other words, we can’t abandon the good fight against abortion because, if we do, there will be no one to defend the helpless unborn. Abortion is a crime against humanity, and one day, humanity will awaken to that fact. When that day comes, it will be because of those of us who never gave up the good fight against abortion, a battle we must see to the very end.

There Are Excellent Alternatives to Abortion Staten Island – Do What You Can to Spread the Word that Abortion is Always the Wrong Choice

Are you facing an unexpected and/or unwanted pregnancy? Are you financially and/or emotionally unable to cope with the birth of a child at this time? Have you been thinking that abortion is the easy and obvious way out? Please think again. It’s a fact that most young girls or women who have an abortion experience years (if not a lifetime) of remorse and grieving about the fact that they murdered their own child. Wasn’t there a better way? Was an abortion their only solution? No, there are excellent alternatives to abortion Staten Island, and perhaps the best solution is the most obvious: adoption. There are long lists of loving individuals who are just waiting for the opportunity to love and raise a child who is available for adoption. What makes more sense? Killing a defenseless child or letting it enjoy a loving home and potentially bright future? Abortion is never the easy way out. Just ask any woman or girl who has had an abortion, and chances are, they will tell you it was the worst decision of their life, a homicide they can never undo. In addition to adoption as an alternative to abortion, there are countless support groups and agencies that can offer psychological and financial support to a pregnant girl or woman who is in need. In other words, there are people ready and willing to help those who choose to avoid the cold blooded murder also known as teen abortion.

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