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Call it What it is – Abortion is Cold-Blooded Murder

There’s no sense in dancing around the subject, abortion is nothing less than the brutal murder of an innocent, unborn child. There, we’ve said it. Something to think about, but, is abortion really all that complicated? A human life is taken. . .destroyed. What’s so complicated about that? Doesn’t that mean abortion is pure and plain, cold-blooded murder? And are you willing to take a stand with those of us who believe abortion is wrong? Who believe that abortion must be stopped? Is it so hard to believe that we will, one day, put an end to abortion in this country? Do you feel that the cards (the courts and laws) are stacked against us? That abortion cannot be stopped? Think again, my friend because the tide is turning in this country, and that tide is turning against abortion. We can question the sanity of lawmakers and judges who condone this slaughter of innocents, but we must also question ourselves: Are you, as an individual, doing all that you can to put a stop to abortion?

What Can You Actually Do to Help Put an End to Abortion? Can the Horror of Abortion Really be Stopped?

You may ask yourself: What can I, as only one person, do to bring an end to abortion, this wholesale slaughter that occurs around this great nation every day of the year? Can one person make a difference in the war against abortion? War against abortion? Yes, this is a very real war that each of must fight in any way that we can to, once and for all, put an end to the cold-blooded murder that is so politely known as abortion. One person can join an anti-abortion group. Your lone voice can join a chorus of voices that speak out against abortion. If the courts and lawmakers aren’t listening right now, they will when the call to end abortion becomes loud enough. That can only happen when you, personally, speak out against abortion whenever and wherever you can.

Why Would a Woman or Young Girl Have an Abortion When There Are People Lined Up to Adopt?

Clearly, there is no better alternative to abortion than that which is offered by adoption. A woman or young girl who is considering abortion as a way out of a dilemma may find herself in a far greater conflict when she realizes, too late, that she has murdered her own flesh and blood. Yes, adoption is a wonderful alternative to abortion. Why suffer the years (or even a lifetime) of guilt and anguish about the fact that you killed your unborn child? Abortion may seem like the easy choice or simple way out, but it’s not. The right thing to do is to forget about the homicidal idea of abortion. Yes, forget about abortion and remember there are countless thousands of loving people who will be delighted to adopt your wonderful child. Please don’t let them down.

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